October 2019 Meeting

Our own member, MGEV, Margaret Molyson, presented “Alternatives to Lawns: How to Reduce Your Yard Work While Saving the Birds!” at our October 21st meeting at Bethesda Senior Center.  Her highly informative talk addressed how reducing your lawn area and increasing your native plant area would not only reduce total time and money spent on yard maintenance but, more importantly, how it also supports the dwindling native bird population by giving them food for their young and nesting habitat. 

Margaret had several educational and resource handouts to share and they are attached here.

Native Ground Covers

Plants That Support Conservation Biological Control in Georgia

Great Gardening and Natives Websites

Invasive Alternatives

August 2019 Monthly Meeting

It was an educational and highly enjoyable hour as Mike Mengak, a Certified Wildlife Biologist and the Wildlife Outreach Specialist at the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at UGA, spoke about “Nuisance Wildlife” at our August 19th monthly meeting.  He had lots of tips and ideas for discouraging nuisance wildlife from our property.  He pointed out the many popular things that don’t work…. as he said, remember, there are no rules and wildlife can’t read anyway!

In addition to teaching at UGA, Mike trains and works with landowners and extension staff to help manage the damage that wildlife can do to our property.  He has authored or co-authored over 95 publications in peer-refereed journals, proceedings, technical reports, and extension publications on a wide array of wildlife ecology, wildlife damage management, and natural history topics. 

Beautiful zinnias

Beautiful zinnias
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June 2019 Monthly Meeting

Jimmy Gatt, a certified beekeeper and a board member of the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association, was our June 17th speaker. He recently established a partnership between Trees Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association to plant more summer-blooming trees in Atlanta. He works as a software developer and lives in Marietta.  Jimmy’s topic “Creating a Pollinator Garden” covered trees and plants that gardeners could choose to create a more insect friendly garden. The more plants we select that support insects, the more birds and wildlife we bring to our gardens. Jimmy also touched on home beekeeping and how those who wish to keep bees can create gardens that support this hobby as well.  

May 2019 Monthly Meeting

On Monday, May 20, Gwinnett County Master Gardener Association members and friends were intrigued by Sam Landes’ presentation entitled The Fascinating World of Fungi. Attendees learned some startling facts about the fungi family which includes mushrooms, smut, jellies, and yeasts. A large portion of Sam’s presentation focused on mushrooms. He shared that we should be extremely careful about tasting an unidentified mushroom due to lethal varieties. Sam further cautioned his audience to never eat raw edible mushrooms; always cook them to eliminate any potentially hazardous substances. A light sauté will do the trick. The presentation was greatly enhanced by numerous items made from mushrooms, colorful display boards, and a wide variety of books. Sam Landes’ presentation was definitely fascinating and well received.