Obedient Plant

Obedient Plant Physostegia virginiana is a great native nectar plant that will carry your garden into fall. This attractive perennial has long-lasting … Read More

Helping Hands

Under the guidance of Freda Steward, fourteen members and neighbors helped tidy up Rick and Sandy Krause's yard. Helping Hands is a new project of the association designed to get a member back on … Read More

Upcoming Events:

September — There is no speaker meeting as we hold our annual, members-only, thank you picnic this month.

OCTOBER — As our final speaker for this year, Olivia Menard will teach us how to Successfully Overwintering Mason Bees in Georgia. Take action now to help our local food chain and combat pollinator decline.  Learn about one of Georgia’s most effective native pollinators – the mason bee.  And how to attract them to your yard.  We will talk about the mason bee habitat and explore some of the stresses that reduce mason bee survival rates.  Whether you already have a mason bee house and want to know what to do with all those little tubes, or you are thinking about adding a mason bee house to your landscape, or you are just curious about where to look for mason bees in nature.  Everyone will leave with at least one inspired action to take back to their garden to help more of these little pollination powerhouses survive the coming winter.  Join us for a pot luck bringing a dish to share at 6:30PM on October 17th at Bethesda Senior Center.  Our program will begin shortly after 7PM.