The Gwinnett County Master Gardeners Association (GCMGA) was established in September of 1993 as an educational, nonprofit, adult volunteer group that promotes the dissemination of university based research information to foster beautiful gardens and a healthy environment.

What sets Master Gardeners apart from other gardeners is their special training in horticulture and their work in the community. These individuals have taken a 13 week horticulture course, passed a comprehensive exam, and volunteered a minimum of 50 hours of their time before they officially become Master Gardeners. Many of our members take additional University of Georgia (UGA) training courses and maintain annual service requirements to acquire advanced Master Gardener certifications.

GCMGA members are volunteers who work through the Gwinnett County Cooperative Extension and our organizational functions to fulfill our mission of education and environmental responsibility. Typical volunteer activities include answering horticultural questions at the Gwinnett County Extension Office and at “Ask a Master Gardener” events such as the summer Farmers Markets.  They also participate in a Speakers Bureau for educational presentations and work on community horticultural projects.

Because GCMGA receives no financial operational support from the UGA Cooperative Extension, the Association has implemented fundraisers to support programs and provide grants for community projects, including school gardens.

The GCMGA holds monthly business and educational meetings January through November, and throughout the year members enjoy field trips, workshops, and other activities where we share friendship and knowledge.