October 2016 Pollinator Workshop

An absolutely great workshop led by Susan Meyers, a conservation specialist and educator from the monarchwatch.org.  Susan presented information about Georgia butterflies, our caterpillars and told us about the importance of all pollinators in our lives and explained their contribution to our food chain.  She shared abundant written material and gave us the opportunity to choose seeds to supplement our own butterfly and pollinator gardens.  Each of the attendees built a pollinator house to provide a home for individual species and brought home the makings for a butterfly puddle pond.  Fast answers to questions won some attendees plants with caterpillars – a passion vine with several Gulf Fritillary instars, rue with Giant Swallowtail instars, as well as parsley with Black Swallowtail instars.

Tool Sharpening Workshop – Feb 2016

The attendees learned how to keep our gardening tools well sharpened and cared for – GREAT workshop!

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Plant Propagation Workshop at Gwinnett Tech

Many of our GCMGA members attended MGEV Advanced Training held at Gwinnett Tech College on July 20, 2015.  Bodie Pennisi, Extension Horticulturist at UGA, taught the group talking about seed, vegetative and tissue culture propagation.  The class started in the classroom and moved later in the greenhouse.  In the greenhouse, Dario Chavez demonstrated grafting and budding.  Students then were able to try some hands on training after the instruction.

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Felted Flower Workshop

In June, Jane Burke taught workshop attendees how to make Felted Flowers.  Felt Flowers can be pinned to a hat or used as a brooch and make delightful gifts. Everyone had a great time at Jane’s and each member made one red poppy with a black center and then took home supplies to make a second flower.

felted hat

Felt workshop-2

Felt workshop-4  Felt Workshop