February 2021 Monthly Meeting

Our presenter for February 15 monthly Zoom meeting was Fred Conrad who is the Senior Manager of Community Gardens for the Food Well Alliance in Atlanta.

Fred’s presentation was an overview and tour of the Community Garden movement in metropolitan Atlanta and about how many community gardens are organized, how they function and the many ways they serve neighborhoods.  It is the story of food bringing people together. 

2020 Review

Our November meeting is usually a holiday celebration and a chance to visit and talk with other members. Covid-19 changed all that. February was our last in-person meeting and, as many of us are seniors, we were mandated to stay at home until June. But the pandemic didn’t stop us gardening and doing. We masked up, keep social distancing and discovered Zoom meetings.

Following tradition, our historian Freda Steward put together a wonderful presentation of our year. Enjoy!

End of Year Review

(note that this file is huge with lots of pictures and will take a short time to load, please be patient!)

March 2021 Monthly Meeting

Member Carol Hassell, who is a co-founder and the Executive Director of the Georgia Piedmont Land Trust, was our speaker for the March 15 Zoom meeting.  She described their mission which includes the preservation of open and green space in the northern portion of Georgia; the protection of water quality in area streams and rivers, habitat, working land, historical and archeological features; and education about the values of and tools for land conservation.   She clarified how a land trust is becoming increasingly necessary as 95 to 98% of land has been modified for human use.  These 2200 fragmented acres throughout the Piedmont area conserve our woodlands, birds, wildlife, and pollinators and she explained the importance of ”Protecting Land for Today and Tomorrow” in the land trust, but also in our own yards and community.  It was an informative hour.

January 2021 Monthly Meeting

Via Zoom, our monthly meeting on January 18th featured Sam Landes sharing his lifelong interest – “Edible Mushrooms: Foraging, Identifying and Growing”.  Sam explained why fungi deserves such attention. He identified many mushrooms explaining the differences between them and shared stories of finding fungi all over the USA. Sam belongs to the educational organization, The Mushroom Club of Georgia.