A Bit of Dirt – 1996 Newsletters

Click the link below each overview to read the full newsletter. Usually in each edition are also GCMGA event write-ups, meeting minutes, and additional association information.

Issue 9 – Winter, “The Rage of Coleus”; “Climbing Plants”; “Trees in the Garden”; “Southeastern natives nudging to the forefront”

BOD-1996 Winter – Issue 9

Issue 10 – Spring, “Creative Enterprises”; “Herb Corner”; “Spring Checklist”; “A Lily is a Lily…NOT!”; “The Extension Line”; Excerpts from “My Garden is a Pleasant Place”

BOD-1996 Spring – Issue 10

Issue 11 – Summer, “Creative Enterprises Update”; “Trip to Margaret Moseley’s Garden”; “The Extension Line”; “On a Hot, Lazy Summer”

BOD-1996 Summer – Issue 11

Issue 12 – Fall, “The Extension Line”; “Confession”; “The Seasons of Harvest”; “You Might be a Gardener”; “Ornamental Grasses and Grass-like Plants”

BOD-1996 Fall – Issue 12