A Bit of Dirt – 1996 Newsletters

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Issue 9 – Winter, “The Rage of Coleus”; “Climbing Plants”; “Trees in the Garden”; “Southeastern natives nudging to the forefront”

BOD-1996 Winter – Issue 9

Issue 10 – Spring, “Creative Enterprises”; “Herb Corner”; “Spring Checklist”; “A Lily is a Lily…NOT!”; “The Extension Line”; Excerpts from “My Garden is a Pleasant Place”

BOD-1996 Spring – Issue 10

Issue 11 – Summer, “Creative Enterprises Update”; “Trip to Margaret Moseley’s Garden”; “The Extension Line”; “On a Hot, Lazy Summer”

BOD-1996 Summer – Issue 11

Issue 12 – Fall, “The Extension Line”; “Confession”; “The Seasons of Harvest”; “You Might be a Gardener”; “Ornamental Grasses and Grass-like Plants”

BOD-1996 Fall – Issue 12

A Bit of Dirt – 1995 Newsletters

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Issue 6 – Winter, “Perennial Observations”; “The Other Flowers”; “The Herb Corner”

BOD-1995 Winter – Issue 6

Issue 7 – Summer, “Latin Made Simple”, “Summer Doldrums”; “Flower Morphology”; Leaf Morphology”; “My Spring Garden – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”; “The Cherokee Rose, State Flower of Georgia”; The Natural Landscape”

BOD-1995 Summer – Issue 7

Issue 8 – Winter, “Perennial Observations”; “A Wildlife Habitat”; “The Herb Corner”; “A Botanical Wonderland”; “Gardeners Bookshelf”; “Creative Enterprises”; “1995 Home Garden Exhibits”; “Drought Resistant Trees”

BOD-1995 Fall – Issue 8

A Bit of Dirt – 1994 Newsletters

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Issue 1, Winter, “Thoughts on a Garden”; “The Winter Garden”; “The Horticultural Creed”

BOT-1994 Winter – Issue 1

Issue 2, Spring, “Roses between the Pages”; “Different and Exciting Plants for Your Garden”; “Make ‘em at Home” (bird perches and feeders); “Looking for old Garden Roses?
BOT-1994 Spring – Issue 2

Issue 3, Summer, “Shrubs for Summer”; “My Friends or ‘Who is this Grace’”; “Gardeners Bookshelf”; “The Herb Corner”; “Gardening Adventures”

BOT-1994 Summer – Issue 3

Issue 4, Fall, “Checklist for Fall”; “Native Plants, Ecosystems and Restoring the Land – ‘What’s that got to do with Me’”; “Doing Some Detective Work”; “Why Should I”; “On Vacaton” (British Isles); “The Extension Line”; “Cullowhee”; “The Gardeners Bookshelf”

BOT-1994 Fall – Issue 4

Issue 5, Winter, “”The Extension Line”; “Bats are more than Halloween”; “Holidays are for the Birds”; “The Dancing Worms”; “Our Club’s History”; “Scented Memories”

BOD-1994 Winter – Issue 5