Remembering these Ladies

Sue Shaw wanted to honor deceased members Marion Monk and Sarah Goss for their contributions to GCMGA.  These ladies were early and long-time members of the association and served on the board and various committees.  This last year, we also lost Kay Phiel and Joyce Cowan, both active ladies and former board members.  Wednesday, in their honor, two “Camillla’s Blush” native azaleas were planted at Bethesda Senior Center by Sue, Jackie Kujawa, Tricia Moakler and Becky Wolary. 


Ceramic Pots Crack in Winter

Kate L Pittman, Gwinnett County Master Gardener and GCMGA member writes an informative article about Winter Freeze causing cracks in ceramic pots and how to prevent the problem.  Please click the link below to read her contribution to “A Bit of Dirt”.

Ceramic Pots Crack in Winter

My Woodland Garden

Dan Willis, our GCMGA President in 2006 and “A Bit of Dirt” Editor from 2006 to 2010 shares his article about the birds in his garden.  Click on the link below to read…



by Glenn Parsons, Master Gardener

As a MG volunteer in my county, I often come in contact with novice, homeowner gardeners who are concerned about invasive plant species but are confused by commonly available literature. This might even describe some more advanced gardeners. Well, I have stumbled upon a very informative website which is dedicated to identifying and discussing invasive species of all types. Put this one in your “reference materials” folder. Lots of photos also.