Old Fashioned Daffodils

It’s that time of year when there’s yellow all around in Georgia — daffodils are blooming like crazy.  You can spot the old home sites where daffodils are blooming – Oakland Cemetery is abound with daffodils and I’m sure Gibbs Garden in Canton is a wonder to behold.

I remember when we had Mr. Daffodil Man speak to us at a GCMGA meeting years back – but the old fashioned daffodils continue to tug at my heart.  Mainly because these come from bulbs first grown from my Mom in Milledgeville – the Von Sion or Telemonius Plenus – occasionally known as Bread and Butter.  And they never bloom with consistent form each year as they’re truly weather dependent.  I always describe them as daffodils that look like chrysanthemums – and often they do – they can be gnarled and flop-headed and mop-headed and can have a touch of green in the flower… but they’re a wonder to behold when you find them. Read some history of these bulbs…. https://oldhousegardens.com/MoreAboutVanSion