May 2022 Meeting

MAY — Rose Guerra, a naturalist/environmental educator, was our guest speaker for our May 16th meeting at Bethesda Senior Center sharing her knowledge regarding Dragonflies and their Habitat. Rose gave us a lighthearted introduction to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Georgia, their beauty and contributions to our environment. 

Rose currently contracts with several environmental organizations, including Atlanta Audubon Society, Dunwoody Nature Center, Blue Heron Nature Preserve, City of Sandy Springs Rec/Parks, Chattahoochee Nature Center to share her knowledge of many species in Georgia.

June 2022 Meeting

JUNE — A nature advocate and wildlife photographer and a Hall County Master Gardener, Karin Hicks will be speaking on “Creating a Hedgerow for Wildlife.”  Hedgerows have an important role to play in restoring biodiversity in our gardens.  Unlike traditional garden hedges, which are typically one species, grouping together different plants creates a dynamic hedge that brings beauty and vitality to the landscape while yielding big ecological benefits.  Join us for a pot luck supper (bring a dish to share) at 6:30PM at Bethesda Senior Center on June 20th. A short meeting will start at 7PM with Karin’s presentation following.

April 2022 Meeting

APRIL — Everyone loves hummingbirds! These tiny birds with extraordinary abilities lead fascinating lives. Education Director Melanie Furr of Georgia Audubon told us about A Year in the Life of a Hummingbird, from their courtship and breeding to their incredible migration. As the caregiver for the world’s only ambassador hummingbird, Melanie shared unique insights into the lives of these miraculous little birds and brought Polly along to demonstrate many of the facts she shared with us. It was a great evening that every one enjoyed.


THANK YOU for Coming!!!!!!!! We had a great turn out and most of our plants found new homes.

Our GCMGA Pass Along Plant Sale was held on Saturday, April 30, 2022 from 9AM-2:PM. We’ll had a wide variety of perennials (flowers, shrubs, trees)  with many native plants included from our own gardens plus vegetables and herbs. In addition to hundreds of plants to choose from and lots of Master Gardeners on hand for suggestions and advice, Soil3 was present as well as members of Georgia Native Plant Society. The Garden Art booth had lots of fun items to decorate your garden plus inexpensive garden books.