October 2021 Monthly Meeting

Our own, Jackie Daniell shared her experiences regarding Vegetable Gardening at the S.E. Gwinnett Co-op Garden.  After a 40+ years in banking, Jackie ditched the suit, pearls and briefcase for jeans, tee-shirt, and garden tools. She began volunteering at the S.E. Gwinnett Co-op Garden and completed the MGEV program in the class of 2017.  We learned how this special vegetable garden is managed and operates during the year.  Her presentation outlined the process of planning, soil, plants and seed quality, research and resources used, timing, preparation of beds and planting, importance of maintenance and sanitation, plant problems and Co-op solutions to Integrated Pest Management (IPM), harvesting, and crop change-over. 

April 2021 Monthly Meeting

On April 19th member Shirley Bohm gave a talk about “Vines Garden Park – A Learning Garden“.  Vines Park near Loganville is one of the three heritage parks in Gwinnett County.  Previously a private botanical garden, it was donated to Gwinnett County by Bo and Myrna Adams in 1990. 

Shirley’s presentation educated attendees on some little-known facts about this lovely heritage green space. For example, the property is a passive park which means there are no sports courts of any kind on the property. However, the park has walking trails and a mansion that are beautifully graced by theme-based gardens which are maintained by a team of Master Gardener Extension Volunteers (MGEVs) and friends. The mansion offers a traditional Christmas buffet from Thanksgiving through December 25 that features appearances by Santa.  Shirley also shared that the Vines Railroad is scheduled to reopen in May and that the county is considering building pavillions, playgrounds and a dog park on the park’s grounds.

Thank you for an informative presentation and for your 10 years of volunteer service at Vines Garden Park, Shirley.