October 2021 Monthly Meeting

Our own, Jackie Daniell will tell us about Vegetable Gardening at the S.E. Gwinnett Co-op Garden.  After a 40+ years in banking, Jackie ditched the suit, pearls and briefcase for jeans, tee-shirt, and garden tools. She began volunteering at the S.E. Gwinnett Co-op Garden and completed the MGEV program in the class of 2017.  We will learn how one MGEV vegetable garden is managed and operates during the year.  Her program will outline the process of planning, soil, plants and seed quality, research and resources used, timing, preparation of beds and planting, importance of maintenance and sanitation, plant problems and Co-op solutions to Integrated Pest Management (IPM), harvesting, and crop change-over.  Discussion will include production and expense tracking, pollinator beds and future projects. Join us at Bethesda Senior Center on October 18th at 7PM for our program.