No Mow Zone

“No Mow Zone” areas were established by Gwinnett Parks and Recreation three years ago in all county parks.  Part of their goal was to establish native plant growth and provide habitat birds, pollinators and critters.  At Bethesda Park, one of the areas was a grassy, lawn-like section on about a 45-degree slope from the walkway down to the lake behind Bethesda Senior Center. 

As a team of GCMGA members maintain the area around the Senior Center and the Butterfly Garden also behind the center, we decided to take the area on as a project to enhance the area with native flower seed, plants and grasses.  The area looks pretty ragged the first season and we heard quite a few negative complaints from the those who walked by.  We explained what we were doing when we had the opportunity and finally erected our own sign explaining the purpose of why the area wasn’t neatly mowed and cared for.  We added more seed and plants the second year.  We were thrilled to see so many dandelions as the first flowers for the pollinators.  Year two was much better looking.  Each workday started with a walk and look at the area, discovering newly flowering specimens every month.

Move forward to November 2021 – on a cold, drizzly day, the zone looked fabulous and we’re so pleased!  Even now, ageratum, goldenrod, daisies, and tiny asters are blooming.  The stone mountain daisies planted this year are thriving and some are blooming.  Thanks to Mary Ann, Carol, Jack, Bonnie, Nancy, Lois, Gaye, Linda and Becky for making this happen.