May 2017 Monthly Meeting

Our Monday, May 20th meeting was a real treat!  Martha Tate joined us to tell the fascinating story of a treasured Atlanta gardener, Margaret Mosley.  Tate, a lifelong Southerner, garden blogger, AJC columnist, creator/producer of “A Gardener’s Diary” on HGTV, and author of ‘Margaret Mosely’s A Garden to Remember,’ told the story of a gardener who started from scratch at 52 and spent the next 46 years creating an extraordinary garden in Decatur, GA.   Martha broughtcopies of her book for purchase and shared stories and photographs with excerpts from Margaret Mosely’s journals, valuable plant information and tips for success.  It was a opportunity to hear a talented gardener and writer share, in person, her experience of friendship with a garden legend.

Martha Tate-Gwinnett Master Gardeners