Member Seed Exchange

It is that time of year again — time for collecting seeds for our GCMGA Seed Exchange!

 We will be collecting the seeds at our GCMGA Meeting on October 21.  We will then prepare a list of seeds available and put it on our website with information on how you can submit seed requests.  The requests will be filled at our November 18 meeting.

Here is the “how to” for participating in our seed exchange:

  • Collect seeds as they dry on the plant.
  • Place on towel for a day or so in case there is still moisture on them.  (The plant will not germinate if sealed with any mold.)
  • Store seeds in paper envelope with label.
  • Pack seeds for seed exchange with at least 10+ seeds per packet.
  • Identify on each pack of seeds the botanical and common name(s), sun or shade plant, color, and year seeds were collected.

For information on sowing the seeds you receive from our Seed Exchange, visit our website at  for a great article titled “Indoor Seed Sowing Calendar” by Jane Burke.


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