A Bit of Dirt – Winter 2008

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – by John Atkinson.

It’s a wonderful world! The year 2007 is almost over and what a good year it has been. It is time to express many thanks to Glenn Parsons and the
officers and leaders that have guided us (like Moses) through the drought.

What opportunities and challenges will the New Year hold? Only time will tell. Are you ready to renew your interest and vigor for the New Year? My goal is that the Gwinnett County Master Gardener Association will be the best in Georgia. I’m not sure what that means, but I am convinced that we have the skills and ability to continue the course we have been on since 1994. What new challenges do you want to step up to in the  coming year?

Glenn Parsons said something at a recent meeting that has stuck with me. It was about the obligation we have to young people. The obligation is to pass along our interest in plants and gardening. A well known professor once said: “The only way to learn accounting is through the point of a pencil.” I would paraphrase that notion to say the best way to learn about plants and gardening is through the point of a trowel.

The first job I ever had was pulling crabgrass for a lady for $.25 an hour. That taught me the best way to weed a garden is one weed at a time, by hand. I hope we can involve young people in more activities in 2008.

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