A Bit of Dirt – Winter 2007

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By Glenn Parsons

Hello all my Master Gardener friends and Happy New Year. I am honored to have the opportunity to deliver this message in our quarterly  newsletter. The newsletter is something all of us enjoy reading since it keeps us in touch with what Master Gardeners are doing in Gwinnett  County. I encourage any Master Gardener who wants to share gardening knowledge or experiences to submit an article for publication in our newsletter.

Today I walked in my garden and found things to be rather desolate on this winter day in Georgia. I did find a Daphne odora beginning to flower, a few Hellebores buds forming under the cover of fallen oak leaves, and, popping out of the ground, Cardamine diphylla (grandma called it “Tooth Wort”). We gardener’s can find wonderful things on the bleakest of days.

Do you remember how you felt when you completed your Master Gardener’s training? What a sense of accomplishment! I’ll bet when you walk in your gardens now you perhaps see, smell, and maybe taste things you never experienced before thanks to knowledge gained in Master Gardener’s Program. We must pass on this knowledge to others. With this in mind, my message to all of you for 2007 is to remember the “volunteering” side of the Master Gardener Program. There is a need for Master Gardeners to assist with gardening questions at the Extension Office. Volunteers with all types of expertise, time, and talent are needed. Our January auction is always great fun. The Extension Office’s plant sale and our May plant  sale are just around the corner. So as you sit back this winter and enjoy all those seed and plant catalogs, do not forget the Master Gardener Program needs your support. Helping others to enjoy gardening by sharing your knowledge and skills can be extremely rewarding. Enjoy the winter season and the newsletter.


2007 BOARD MEMBERS From left: John Bailey, Sharon Mathews, Renee Beard, Debbie Bush, Jan Bailey, Sue Shaw, Glenn Parsons, Kate Pittman, Lori Prosser, RS Buell (missing from photo: Bobbie Higginbotham and Dan Willis)

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