A Bit of Dirt – Summer 2007

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By Glenn Parsons

Hello Master Gardeners and Friends, As I am sitting here writing this message, the annual plant sale is just one week away. Many of you have put several tedious hours into planning, digging and potting plants, making yard-art items, and a host of other jobs in preparation for this event. By the time you read this, the plant sale will be over and hopefully we will all be pleased with our success. As always, I have been very impressed with the dedication and hard work by many members of our group.

I have spoken with many of you over the past few weeks and our conversations seem to always touch on the lack of rainfall. All things considered, it appears we gardeners are in for a very dry and hot summer. Since the development of Gwinnett County continues to surge and the fact the good old Chattahoochee is not getting any larger, it is certain that some serious water shortage issues are on the horizon. We should probably keep this in mind when we make suggestions to homeowners about how to plant/manage their yards and gardens. For Master Gardeners who do not have  timed sprinkler systems, we may have to serve more regular coffee at our meetings in support of those who have stayed up all night watering! The  phase 2 watering ban will definitely bring out some of our night owls.

On a brighter note, I want to thank all of you who find the time to attend our monthly meetings. We have averaged about 60 attendees per  meeting, which is very commendable. Much effort has gone into seeking out interesting and informative guest speakers. And as usual, the food is always first class. So keep coming and bring a friend. Don’t forget to bring a covered dish. Have a great gardening summer.

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