A Bit of Dirt – 1995 Newsletters

Click the link below each overview to read the full newsletter. Also in each edition are association event write-ups and additional information.

Issue 6 – Winter, “Perennial Observations”; “The Other Flowers”; “The Herb Corner”

BOD-1995 Winter – Issue 6

Issue 7 – Summer, “Latin Made Simple”, “Summer Doldrums”; “Flower Morphology”; Leaf Morphology”; “My Spring Garden – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”; “The Cherokee Rose, State Flower of Georgia”; The Natural Landscape”

BOD-1995 Summer – Issue 7

Issue 8 – Winter, “Perennial Observations”; “A Wildlife Habitat”; “The Herb Corner”; “A Botanical Wonderland”; “Gardeners Bookshelf”; “Creative Enterprises”; “1995 Home Garden Exhibits”; “Drought Resistant Trees”

BOD-1995 Fall – Issue 8