A Bit of Dirt – 2000 Newsletters

Click the link below each overview to read the full newsletter. Usually in each edition are also GCMGA event write-ups, meeting minutes, and additional association information.

Spring, “Notes from the Extension Office”; “Paired for Life (or not)”; “State Trees”; “Planting Tomatoes”; “Integrated Pest Management”; “Timely Topics”

BOD-2000 Spring

Summer, “Timely Tips”; “Gardening on the Web”; “Mission is Possible”; “Wildflowers Myths and Medicines”; “Buenas Plant Sale and Muchas Gracias”; “Champion Trees”; “Trees, Traditions & Myths”; “Annuals for a Long Hot Summer”; “Georgia Gold Medal Plants 2000”

BOD-2000 Summer

Fall, “Next Year or Three or Five Years from Now”; “Keep Fit and Healthy with your Garden”; “Bask in the Sunshine”; “Bits and Pieces, This and That”; “Dig, Divide and Conquer”

BOD-2000 Fall

Winter, “”Timely Tips for Landscape and Garden”; “Global Gardening on the Web”; “You’re Invited”

BOD-2000 Winter