A Bit of Dirt – 1999 Newsletters

Click the link below each overview to read the full newsletter. Usually in each edition are also GCMGA event write-ups, meeting minutes, and additional association information.

Spring, “What Happened to my Lawn and Other Things in the Landscape?”; “Get Ready for the Birds”; “Make a Copper Arch”; “1999 All-America Selections Winners”; “Web Gardening”; “Garden Trends Showcase”; “Try some Summer Bulbs”; “The Winter Hummingbird”

BOD-1999 Spring

Summer, “Timely Topics”; “Heat Maps”; “Web Gardening”; “Slugs”; “Flowers for Fragrance”; “Great Backyard Bird Count”; “New Roses for 1999”; “Books for a Summer Day”; “Uninvited Guest”; “Gibbs Garden Tour”; “The National Garden”; “Soil Solarization”

BOD-1999 Summer

Autumn, “Notes on Grass (Extension Office)”; “Naming Those Plants”; “Floral Trivia”; “Before you Spray”; “Exploding the Bird Myths”; “Life in the 1500’s…”; “Timely Topics”

BOD-1999 Fall

Winter, “Large vs. Small Trees: Transplanting Shock”; “Timely Topics”; “Heaths for Winter Flowers”; “Great Backyard Bird Count 2000”; “Favorite Houseplants”; “Adventures in Oz”

BOD-1999 Winter