A Bit of Dirt – 1997 Newsletters

Click the link below each overview to read the full newsletter. Usually in each edition are also GCMGA event write-ups, meeting minutes, and additional association information.

Spring, “Moss in the Garden”; “Creative Enterprises”; “This Crazy Winter”; “Creative Combos”; “Organic Fertilizer Formulas”; “1997 GA Gold Metal Winners”

BOD-1997 Spring

Summer, “Creative Enterprises Update”; “The Plight of the Problem Gardener”; “Garden Definitions”; “Clems for Shade”; “A Trip to Charleston” ; “Japanese Maples”

BOD-1997 Summer

Fall, “Autumn”; “Pulmonaria”; “Tagging Birds”; “My Garden Friend”; “Sinai Peninsula”; “Mossy Clay Pots”; “PPA National Convention”

BOD-1997 Fall

Winter, “Why we Decorate with Greenery”; “How Santa came to be”; “Sacramento”; “Starting Seeds Indoors”; “December Tips”

BOD-1997 Winter

A Bit of Dirt – 1994 Newsletters

Click the link below each description to read the full newsletter.  In addition to the articles mentioned in each issue are additional association information.

Issue 1, Winter, “Thoughts on a Garden”; “The Winter Garden”; “The Horticultural Creed”

BOT-1994 Winter – Issue 1

Issue 2, Spring, “Roses between the Pages”; “Different and Exciting Plants for Your Garden”; “Make ‘em at Home” (bird perches and feeders); “Looking for old Garden Roses?
BOT-1994 Spring – Issue 2

Issue 3, Summer, “Shrubs for Summer”; “My Friends or ‘Who is this Grace’”; “Gardeners Bookshelf”; “The Herb Corner”; “Gardening Adventures”

BOT-1994 Summer – Issue 3

Issue 4, Fall, “Checklist for Fall”; “Native Plants, Ecosystems and Restoring the Land – ‘What’s that got to do with Me’”; “Doing Some Detective Work”; “Why Should I”; “On Vacaton” (British Isles); “The Extension Line”; “Cullowhee”; “The Gardeners Bookshelf”

BOT-1994 Fall – Issue 4

Issue 5, Winter, “”The Extension Line”; “Bats are more than Halloween”; “Holidays are for the Birds”; “The Dancing Worms”; “Our Club’s History”; “Scented Memories”

BOD-1994 Winter – Issue 5