2014 Photo Contest Pictures

Following are the pictures taken during the year in 2013 in Georgia.  There are four categories showing all the entries in the contest.  Clicking a picture  will give you a slideshow to enjoy these wonderful pictures.











2012 Photo Contest Awards

Photography is all about telling a story through capturing a unique moment in time and sharing the experience with others. It is another means that many gardeners use to express their love of gardening and the creatures a healthy environment supports.

As with gardening, photography takes time and practice to develop as an art. Creativity is required to get the perfect angle, portray the personality of a singular subject, and enhance a landscape scene.

Patience in waiting for the “perfect” nature shot is just the first of many aspects in achieving award-winning photographs. Framing the “star of the show” in an uncluttered background, taking advantage of natural light and reflections, and incorporating the surrounding environment are just a few of the technical skills used by our 2012 contest winners to tell their story.

The awards this year go to:

Garden: 1st Place – Pat Davidson, 2nd Place – John Davidson, 3rd Place – Margaret Bergeron, Honorable Mention – Payge Cox

Plants: 1st Place – Jane Burke, 2nd Place – Margaret Bergeron, 3rd Place – Payge Cox, Honorable Mention – Becky Panetta

Birds: 1st Place – Deborah Parks, 2nd Place – Payge Cox, 3rd Place – Becky Wolary, Honorable Mention – John Davidson 

Wildlife: 1st Place – Colleen Weinkle, 2nd Place – Payge Cox, 3rd Place – Chuck Wilkinson, Honorable Mention – Margaret Bergeron

Special thanks to Don Stewart for coordinating the contest and to Ken Ross of Kenneth Ross Photography for judging the entries.

If you would like to learn more about taking nature photography, join us for our Photography Workshop in May 2013.

1st Place - Garden

1st Place – Garden

2nd Place - Garden

2nd Place – Garden

3rd Place - Garden

3rd Place – Garden


HM - Garden

HM – Garden

1st Place - Plants

1st Place – Plants

2nd Place - Plants

2nd Place – Plants

3rd Place - Plants

3rd Place – Plants

HM - Plants

HM – Plants


1st Place - Birds

1st Place – Birds

2nd Place - Birds

2nd Place – Birds

3rd Place - Birds

3rd Place – Birds

HM - Birds

HM – Birds

1st Place - Wildlife

1st Place – Wildlife

2nd Place - Wildlife

2nd Place – Wildlife

3rd Place - Wildlife

3rd Place – Wildlife

HM - Wildlife

HM – Wildlife

Photo Contest – 2012

General Description

The Gwinnett County Master Gardeners are holding a photography contest for its members and friends for photographs taken during the 2012 calendar year. The photos will be judged by an experienced nature photographer from outside the organization. Results will be announced and prizes awarded at the February 11, 2013, meeting of the Gwinnett County Master Gardeners. Prizes and Ribbons will be awarded for First, Second, and Third Place in each category. Honorable Mention ribbons will also be awarded in each category. At the Judge’s discretion additional honorable mention ribbons may be awarded in a given category.

Contest Rules

  • ·All those making submissions must be Gwinnett County Master Gardeners or Friends in good standing.
  • ·Deadline for the submission of photographs is midnight Saturday, January 12, 2013.
  • ·Photographs must have been taken in Georgia in 2012.
  • ·Photographs should all be nature or garden related and appropriate to the category entered.
  • ·Categories for the Contest
  • oGarden Landscapes – Photographs of gardens or portions of gardens but not close photographs of small features
  • oPlants – Photographs of individual plants or flowers from a single plant taken in a Garden or natural setting.
  • oBirds – Photographs birds at feeders, in gardens or in natural settings
  • oOther Wildlife – Photographs of other wildlife such as insects, squirrels, snakes, etc. in garden or natural settings.
  • ·All rights to the photographs is retained by the submitter with the exception that Gwinnett County Master Gardeners has the right to post the photographs on its web site and display them on screen at meetings.
  • ·Each submitter may enter 2 photographs in each category.
  • ·All photographs should be in good taste. Gwinnett County Master Gardeners has final say on the appropriateness of a picture for the contest or for a given category. GCMG may eliminate pictures determined not to be appropriate for any reason or move pictures to a more appropriate category.
  • ·All photos shall be submitted via electronic mail as attachments to an email sent to atlantascot@yahoo.com. The subject should read: GCMG Photo Contest.
  • ·All photographs should be formatted as JPEGs (,jpg or .jpeg) with a maximum pixel count on the longest dimension of 1024 and a pixel resolution of 90 pixels per inch.
  • ·Each attached JPEG file name must be in the form of :
    #_<last name>_< initials>_<category>.JPG.
    An examples of correct filename would be
    where the # is a number indicating the first or second entry in a category.
  • ·Please include information in the email for each photo submitted.
    • ·Subject
    • ·General Location Where Photo Was Taken
    • ·Title for the photograph
    • ·Can your name be display with this photo on the Gwinnett Master Gardner website after the contest is over? (yes, no, or first name and last initial)
    • ·The following abbreviations can be used in the names of the photos.

Submission Guidelines

o Garden Landscapes – garden

oPlants – plant

oBirds – birds

oOther Wildlife – other wildlife


Any questions concerning the contest can be sent via email to Don Stewart at atlantascot@gmail.com}


2010 Photo Contest Winners

Landscape – 1st Place – Linda Poyner

Back Walkway – Clematis & Azaleas

Landscape – 2nd Place – Mary Bachner

Trout Lily at Stone Mountain

Wildlife – 1st Place – Mary Bachner

Sandhill Crane

Wildlife – 2nd Place – Marlene Hedges

Insects – 1st Place -Jane Burke

Fritillary butterfly on Chrysanthemum

Insects – 2nd Place – Glenn Parsons

Tomato Hornworm

Plants – 1st Place -Glenn Parsons

Lycoris Radiata

Plants – 2nd Place – Maria Turk

Mother-of-Thousands plant

Mary Bachner