“Trash to Treasures Yard Art” Workshop – April 29, 2013

Gwinnett Master Gardener Terri Erwin and her husband Allen graciously offered their home, garden, and expertise to show us some ways to create yard art while helping the environment by recycling.

To start the workshop we enjoyed a tour of Terri and Allen’s amazing garden to see examples of recycling and get ideas.  We were wowed by arbors and hand rails made with tree roots from downed trees, concrete from a broken driveway stained to look like natural stones (fooled us), refurbished furniture that had been discarded by someone who could not see it’s potential, and the list goes on and on!

After getting our creative jump start, we put our hands to work to design our own unique stepping stone.  Using cake pans, flower pots, water trays and concrete mix we set the forms for our project.  After a brief setting period for the concrete, we became artists in our own rights.  Using stones, colored glass, plaques, and tiles for decorations our individuality became apparent.  While our stepping stones dried, we were given a special treat — an opportunity to dig  for native ferns and iris from the garden.

Our prized stepping stones and plants are a fond memory of a wonderful time spent with a great group of Gwinnett Master Gardeners and friends!

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