Field Trip to The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain – April 2, 2013

Pocket at Pigeon Mountain

The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain in Walker County is considered to be among the finest areas for wildflowers in Georgia. It is part of the Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area and is home to the Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail. This area, part of the Cumberland Plateau, contains many species rare to our state:  Virginia bluebells, celandine poppy, bent trillium, Ohio buckeye, twin leaf, and a wonderful variety of other wildflowers.

The Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail boardwalk is designed to permit viewing many species of flowers up close with the least impact.  We were extremely fortunate to have Jay Clark, a local expert and author, as our guide.  His knowledge of the history of the area and native plants provided an outstanding opportunity to learn about this unique area.

As we entered the trail, we were immediately struck by the awesome beauty of a preserved and unique ecosystem.  The Virginia Bluebells were in full bloom and their abundance was overwhelming.  There were so many rare and unusual plants it was difficult to take it all in and we enjoyed a slow and easy walk along the stream. The trail lead up to the waterfalls for an unexpected view and another fantastic experience.

Our enthusiastic photographers captured amazing shots that will be difficult to beat in our 2013 Photo Contest. It was impossible to absorb all the intricate flora and it is difficult to put the beauty of this area into words.  One conclusion we all came to is that we will return!