April 2013 GCMGA Meeting – “The Latest on Japanese Maples”

Mike Francis of Maple Ridge Nursery in Decatur presented a talk at the April 15th meeting spotlighting many of the wonderful cultivars of Japanese Maples available while emphasizing the diversity within the species.

Mike Francis grew up in the nursery business and has a passion for growing plants, be they Maples, Conifers, Hostas, or water gardens. Mike, like many of us, is a plant collector at heart and he has over 200 varieties of Hosta and  350 cultivars of Maples.

Mike and his wife Christy, started Maple Ridge Nursery in 1988 in Decatur and offers one of the largest collections of Japanese Maples in the Southeast.  Mike provided information on specifically selected cultivars for our area, some of the newer introductions, and their many uses in the garden.