Fall at McDaniel Farm

Our GCMG/Gwinnett Extension Project at Gwinnett County’s McDaniel Farm Park is wrapping up for 2011 as our volunteers dig into fall.

Spring bulbs were added today at the main parking lot entrance.  Our big fall rennovation of the Farm House foundation shrubs included the use of the park’s tractor and a lot of help from the park’s maintenance heroes, Joe and Juan.  This was our first year planting sweet potatoes in the main demonstration garden plot.  The potatoes were huge.  Lesson learned – harvest a little sooner next year.

Master Gardeners took advantage of fall being a great time to plant and move  shrubs.  The bushy Nandinas that had been in front of the farmhouse for years were removed with the tractor and replaced with small hollies  (Ilex crenata ‘Soft Touch’).  The hollies will grow 2’-3’ wide and tall.  We plan to add dwarf boxwoods, one on each side of the steps to balance out the area.    Daffodil bulbs that were dug up in the removal process were replanted and there is enough room to include ‘old time’ perennials or annuals in the future.  We also moved a large Forsythia bush off to the right side which fills in the space well.  Other tasks and planting of other areas, will be completed in the future.