2011 Garden Tour – Payge Cox

One of the gardens on the May 21, 2011 Garden Tour

Wind your way around a flagstone path taking you to outdoor rooms designated for reflection and relaxation. Mostly shaded by mature hardwoods like maples, oaks and pines, the garden has sunny areas as well, displaying perennials like iris, daylilies and asters. Payge, a Gwinnett County Master Gardener, tries to provide an inviting environment for birds, insects and wildlife. She plants with the lifecycle of the butterfly in mind not following any particular color scheme. Her property backs up to deciduous woods accented with a creek. She says her biggest challenges are extreme temperature changes, summer droughts, clay and DEER. She believes if you garden in Georgia successfully, you can garden anywhere! Come learn how she copes with nature’s adversity and see ways you can transform your side yard into an area of enchantment.

Payge Cox’s Garden