Workday in the Calendar Garden at Gwinnett Tech

Weeders and mulchers

On a cold but sunny day in early April, Gwinnett Master Gardeners braved high winds to spruce up the Calendar Garden at Gwinnett Tech.   This area  blooms from the front of Building 100 to the back entrance, with blooms coming seasonally.  It starts with the lavender phlox in March, and continues to the far end, with white butterfly ginger and purple asters blooming in September.  They share that corner with tall clumps of varieties of grasses and a large loquat tree at the end.

Master Gardeners weeded and spread many bags of mulch.  A large winged creature, a Luna moth that was trying to get out of the cold wind, visited us as we were finishing up.

On hands and knees pulling weeds.

This garden, alongside building 100, is accessible to the public.  Many of the plants have name tags, so you can stop by anytime to see what is blooming.

Carole Teja sporting appropriate weeding attire

While we were having a brown bag lunch, Aaron Paulson gave a presentation on propagation.  This should help us in sharing plants with others.  And talking of sharing, we got to take home a few cuttings, plant divisions and baby plants that were growing in the Calendar Garden as well as the greenhouse.