A Bit of Dirt – Spring 2010

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I’m writing this in early February and have survived the coldest snap in Georgia in 30 years. Hopefully all of your plants will have survived. I have been going through my spring gardening catalogs looking for seeds to start in the coming  months. I have decided try to start some Cherokee purple, Rainbow Yellow, and Rutgers (red) tomatoes.

The 2010 Georgia Master Gardeners will have completed their classes by the time you read this. Let’s encourage the new interns to complete their volunteer hours, both in and outside the extension office.

The Gwinnett County Master Gardener’s Plant Sale will be on May 7th this year. Volunteering for this and other activities is a wonderful way to meet and socialize with other Gwinnett County Master Gardeners. On May 6th we will need volunteer to assist setting up the tents, tables, placing the plants in their proper location and watering the plants that need it. On May 7th we will need volunteers to discuss different plants with potential customers, sell plants, and carry them to the  customer’s vehicle. Prior to the plant sale on May 7th, I hope many of you will be digging and repotting your pass-along plants for the plant sale.

Spring is one very busy time planting and caring for your gardeners. Hopefully, you will reserve some of your valuable time for other activities that are sponsored by the GCMG Association. We always need volunteers to: keep presentable the gardens at the Bethesda Senior Center (we get the meeting room for free if we maintain the gardens); participate in Plant Clinics; help out at the various Home and Garden shows; participate in the annual Plant Sale; assist planting, maintaining, and harvesting the vegetable garden at McDaniel Farm; work at the Vines Gardens; answer the phone at the Master  Gardeners Desk and perform other duties in the Gwinnett County Extension office.

Thanks for keeping up the good work done by the Gwinnett County Master Gardeners.

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