The Winter Garden Planning and Planting for the Southeast – Book Review

The Winter Garden Planning and Planting for the Southeast
By Peter Loewer and Larry Mellichamp

Perquisites for growing a beautiful winter garden are planning and choosing the plant species for impact or subtleness. Walk through The Winter

Garden with authors Peter Loewer and Larry Mellichamp. See the beauty of opting for planting trees because of their bark texture, color, or  structure that will catch your eye in the bleak months of winter. Choose pods, fruits, plumes, and berries to add sparkle to the dreary landscape and pizzazz to holiday centerpieces and wreaths.

You will not miss the profusion of summer flowers when you select from a large variety of winter bulbs or winter-blooming herbaceous perennials. No garden would be complete without fragrant plants for “…fragrances can reach across the decades like a physical link, reminding us of an eventful time now long forgotten.”

There is no excuse not to have an array of winter blooming trees, shrubs, and vines. Many of these are the heralds of spring! They will lift your spirits and brighten the dark days of winter. It has been said that the “glitter of green leaves is like the sunlight on water.” Evergreen foliage with a  glossy look would do just that…shimmer and reflect light.

There is an abundance of trees and shrubs, herbaceous plants, ornamental grasses, and ferns from which to ponder and make your selection. Start by making a list to plan your garden. Add color, visual structures, garden ornaments, living sculpture, night lighting, and water. Voile! The Winter Garden with interest and appeal!

Oh yes, don’t miss reading this book for all its
wonderful descriptions and glorious pictures.